Saturday, October 1, 2016

Spectacular Wedding in London...rustic indoor barn wedding

We packed our bags and headed to London to attend three weddings.  We attended an ultra elegant wedding in London in a beautiful setting.  The couple had multi-celebration weddings.  Why have one wedding when you can have two!

You may want to sit down for this one.  Both wedding venues were in spectacular locations and the décor to die for...rustic and elegant.  Gorgeous no!

Entrance to the barn.

Guests sipped on cocktails in the beautiful garden surrounding the barn while listening to music by Sobi. 

Speeches were in this beautiful location. 

Dinner at the Barn.  Twinkly lights at a wedding creates sparkly gorgeousness.  The lights not only makes stunning decoration, it also makes a perfect backdrop for photos. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dining Room - Before & After

The inspiration for our dining room décor is from this art.  There is a story behind this artwork.  My friend from India, with a beautiful home and a collector of antiques had gone for the Jaipur Art Festival.  Jaipur is the capital of timeless splendid art and the most culturally enriched city in India.  When my friend saw the painting she called to say that she found this art that I would like.  I didn't even see the art, knowing my friend's taste, I asked her to buy it and mail.  LOVED every bit of the art and especially the colors.  So our dining room was decorated around this art from Jaipur!

When we renovated our house, we didn't decorate the dining room,  just put what we had together.  This was the before which I then thought looked fine.  Until I actually put these pictures together, didn't realize it was perfectly imperfect!

We painted the wall with Benjamin Moore White Dove the same as all the trim in our house.  BJ White Dove is a warm white and the ceiling dark pink, thus it gives a pink hue in the room.


We bought the chandelier from the New York Light district.


Brought these lanterns from Morocco.
The plate from Istanbul.

I love to have flowers on my table...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friends, Food, Laughter...

Yup, we have great family& friends...they are all ours and taken!  Last week-end, we were invited to a friend's condo near the water.  It was a beautiful day with gorgeous sunset, lots of laughter with friends and great food.  You can't ask for more!  The icing on the cake was watching planes landing at the airport from the condo. 

My week end through the iPhone lenses.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Windows to the world

When we added on our family room, my one and only inspiration was a picture of a church window with paisley design from a magazine.  The first couple of photos below, were what I really wanted and the family room addition was planned around this window.  The focal point was to be the window.
Researching the exact window, it obviously was an original window in a church and now made into condos. I tried with so many different window companies to have it custom made to no avail!!!  So we settled for the window/door that we currently have...deflated?!

This is our window in our family room.  Nothing like the paisley design but it is still a focal point in our family room.  I also wanted Transom windows above the sliding doors.  Due to structural issues with the porch the idea was scratched.  Thus, I installed a mirror above the sliding doors and added strips to elongate the look of the doors in lieu of the transom windows.

Morning coffee view...
Dusk view... 

Some inspirations that I had saved when we were planning our addition.  Windows that is to die for!  Who would leave the house if you had windows like this to the world.  You don't need art work when you have windows like these...

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