Friday, September 26, 2014

Ever after blog post!

How to begin the post about these inspiring styled weddings. It was a wedding galore summer for our family.  The first wedding featured was in Long Beach, California and the second wedding was in Akron, Ohio.  Both are awe inspiring weddings and d├ęcor.  Here are pictures for your eyes.

First the wedding in Long Beach.


View from our hotel room...

As always, I like to stalk houses in the area.  Folks this is Long Beach, these beautiful homes are a few yards from the beach.

Another wedding in Akron, Ohio.  When you have a venue as stunning as this historic Stan Hywet Hall and Garden, the wedding evening just gets a whole new level of gorgeousness. 
This was once the home of one of the co-founder of Good Year Tire company.  Besides the spectacular mansion, the gardens and ponds are drool worthy.  Without further due, here are pictures of a classy event.



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Bedroom assembled over time

For the summer I have changed my bedding to white and mixed up with gold new favorite colors.  The trick with white bedding is to make sure it doesn't look too boring, thus need to surround it with the right colors to get the look you want.  It makes it easier to mix up colors when the bedding is white and it is almost like a blank canvas.

I bought the gold pillows at different times and at different places.  Bought the Gold Suzani pillow in Toronto during my recent visit, the Ikat gold pillow is from Home Goods and the Gold pillow with a Rickshaw is from World Market purchased when in California.  When you put all the pillows together, you realize that there are so many different Gold!

From my previous posts, you know I love art and that is ethnic art work.  In Sri Lanka, there are artists who sell their fare around parks on week-ends.  Bought this art work from one of the artists in such hurry on our way to the airport.  I am so glad I did as I draw my color inspirations from this art.

So here are pictures of our bedroom assembled over time. 


All the mothers out there, wouldn't you agree with the quote...I think about my kids (aka adults) everyday!




Our lives are so hectic, I wanted a calming effect for our bedroom.  The wall paint color is Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware.  Love the color, it reads, blue, green and grey depending on the time, sun and lights.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Travel for a wedding to Milwaukee…the beer country!

My cousins' son got married in July and they hosted the wedding in a unique venue, Mitchell Park Conservatory in Milwaukee.  2014 is the year of the weddings for our family thus travel to places that we never had on a bucket list.  A few pictures from the wedding and local Architecture.

Major League Brewery town!  What fun way to drink beer?  Pedal Taverns on the road that you can hop in and hop out!

 I always imagined Milwaukee to be an industrial, beer making town, but today we find it’s beauty!  These houses are located on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Looking at these houses and some of the old buildings around town, I realize that Milwaukee is rich in history and culture.   

Imagine the view over Lake Michigan.

There is no town that gets left out without me scoping out Interior Design stores, Art Galleries and markets…


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