Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wall Art...collected and personal.

I love art that is collected and personal.  Most of our wall art is collected during our travels.  Generally our vacations are with good friends or families, which makes it even more special as most of these wall art are bought while on vacation.  Every time I look at these, I am reminded of where we bought each piece and the good times we had buying it.

Post card art!  This is a gallery wall of postcards...some vintage cards collected during our travels.

The left three pictures are of my grandmother's house in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.  An artist had painted the middle picture and published it in a book called "Jaffna Sketches".  I was browsing the book at my friend's house and knew it was my grandmother's house. 

A Temple door from Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Burmese temple ceiling art, bought in Malaysia.

The two red windows are from Jaipur.  These are two old windows originally from an old palace.  Most of the palace windows were designed small so that the royal ladies can watch the street life in Jaipur without being seen.

My friend D got these pictures sketched by an artist in Sri Lanka.  These are two modern Bharatha Natyam (Indian dance) dancers and the other two sketches are of a temple and a church.

These are Mogul miniature paintings.  A friend, who is able to read Urdu, explained that these paintings depicts a part of Allah's life. 

I love paisley design.  I got this silk embroidered by a talented man from Bangalore.

This is our breakfast area looking out from the kitchen.  When traveling in Morocco, I loved the design of the tiles.  I didn't bring any tiles but was able to get a "wall art" painter to paint the Moroccan tile design on the wall. 

The below paintings are replicas of Thota Vaikuntham's paintings.  T. Vaikuntham is an Indian artist and draws his inspiration from the rural areas of India.  He uses primary Indian colors like saffron, red and orange.  His paintings are part of renowned collections and sold in the high-end auction houses.  I seem to now like off-centered framing.

 These are antique jewellery pieces from a place called Kandy in Sri Lanka.  I grew up in Kandy and it has a special place in my life.  My sister tells me that I frame everything...

An Indian handbag I think I have gone too far with framing everything!!!


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