Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pillow Talk!!!

If I need to spruce up a room, need an instant make over, or pop of color,  I change the pillows.  It is a cheaper way of "re-decorating" that will make my husband happy!  It is also an easy accessory to swap out and change. Some of you have written to ask the rule of pillow styling, however, I don't have a rule.  If I like the pillow, I buy it and then decide how to style and coordinate with the other pillows.  Though, I think it is good to have geometric pattern coupled with other fabrics. These are pillows that I have around the house.

Love these pillows...isn't it art on pillow?

 The orange pillow is a purchase from Thailand, the design speaks for it self.  It is a Jim Thompson creation.  If you visit Bangkok, a visit to the Jim Thompson's former house and the store is a must!

The below two pillows are reversible.  One side has a leaf embroidered and the other has a paisley design.

 These are two pillows, one from Jim Thompson and the smaller one is from Fab India another store that you must visit when in India.

Additional pillow styling that I love by other designers.

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