Friday, January 30, 2015

Wonders of Bawa

Geoffrey Bawa is a renowned architect well known in Asia and has received numerous awards.  Bawa’s work has had tremendous impact in Sri Lankan architecture.  Bawa embarked on a career as a lawyer and made a decision mid stream to become an Architect. 

His beautifully designed buildings are influenced by nature, modernism, water, lush countryside, and colonial architecture. Bawa’s work is now known as “Tropical Modernism”, he obviously carved out a stake in the history of Architecture.  Bawa’s designs incorporate interior design with landscape architecture and the inside merge with the outside.

When I grew up in Sri Lanka, I had heard of Bawa but was too young to appreciate architecture, I am now a great admirer of Bawa's genius work.  Bawa’s masterpieces are many and we were lucky to stay in a few hotels designed by Bawa.

I don't know about you, but I miss a beat every time I see beautiful homes.  I have missed many beats looking at Bawa's home in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  Love the tree in front and the details on the front door.
 Found most of these photos through the web and some hotel photos are from my travels...

Example of merging inside with the outside.


Bawa's former office, now known as the Paradise Road Gallery Café.

Resorts built by Bawa...I am speechless!


The Light House Hotel deserves a special mention for the location, location, location!  You enter the hotel right into the veranda which faces the ocean.  The check in is sitting down at the verandah with a welcome drink and being checked in at the same time. 
I did not want to move from the veranda with the ocean at your door step.  This view is my screen saver, and of course I sit at this veranda everyday!!!



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Ivan said...

Some amazing places. Although not exactly a resort the Heritance Kandalam is another great project by Geoffrey Bawa. He is so famous some client who are looking for villas specifically ask for villas designed by him.

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