Friday, January 16, 2015

Would you dare to paint the walls...Black!

Black walls, what can I say, I love walls painted in black and I also don’t want it in my house…is that possible!  I use black as my accent color around the house, pillows, settee, black frames etc.  So I decided to paint a feature wall in black.  After I painted the wall black, wasn’t sure if it looked gothic or gorgeous.  Then I begged my husband to paint it deep blue…well that is the color that spoke to me!   Black was definitely a black sheep in the design world until recently, and making a comeback with a mission. 

With black walls creative use of lights and contrast would be the key to making it from gothic to gorgeous.  Here are some pictures of the wall at our house with travel postcards framed in white for contrast, and other black accents. 
Additionally, some pictures of killer black rooms from other designers below.

Black walls by other designers.


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