Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coffee Morning & a Recipe

We were at a friends' house for an early Sunday dinner (by the way my friend could be a Sri Lankan version of Martha Stewart) and decided to call another friend to verify facts (actually wanted to know someone's age)!  The friend suggested that I make a recipe that I had mentioned in one of our conversations as she wanted to taste.  So a coffee morning was scheduled, the few friends at the dinner was free to come over. 

Here are some pictures of preparation and a recipe for the 3 layer sandwich.

Coffee mugs and glasses...check.

Flowers check...

Food check...



3 Layer Sandwich aka Rainbow Sandwich

This sandwich is a crowd pleaser, every girl needs a "go to" recipe in her arsenal!  This is a sandwich you can make ahead, so you will still have time to whip your house into shape.

I generally make this sandwich for a party to serve around 25 guests.  Therefore, you may want to adjust the quantity.

  • Bunch of beetroots (around 6)
  • Packet of Carrots (around 7)
  • Ice Berg Lettuce (1 large)
  • Cream Cheese (4 packets)
  • Vinegar, Mustard, Butter, Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 3 to 4 loaves of Pepperidge Farm thinly sliced sandwich bread (this is the best bread to make this sandwich)


  1. Cook Beetroot and Carrots separately in boiling salted water - Do not over boil, it needs to be a little tender
  2. Once cooked grate the beetroot and carrots separately and put into separate bowls
  3. Thinly slice the Ice Berg lettuce and keep in a separate bowl
  4. Add 1 packet of Cream Cheese, Salt and Pepper to each bowl and mix with the vegetables
  5. For the Beetroot mixture, add vinegar may be about 2 tablespoons and mix
  6. For the Carrots, add 1 tablespoon of mustard and mix
Note: the extra cream cheese can be used based on need as you want a creamy consistency to spread. 

Now to assemble the sandwich!

- in a bowl put 1 stick of butter and soften ( I microwave for about 20 seconds)
- Add 1 teaspoon of Mustard, 1 Tablespoon of Vinegar to the softened butter and mix
- I generally make a few sandwiches at the same time
- Lay about 8 slices of bread and butter the bread
- take one tablespoon of Beetroot mixture and spread it on the bread
- Lay another slice of bread on top of the Beetroot and butter
- Spread the Carrot mixture (1 tablespoon) and put another slice of bread on top
- Spread the Lettuce mixture (1 tablespoon) and cover the sandwich
- Once assembled I cut the edges and cut into 4


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Tiffanita said...

I loved those sandwiches. Thank you for the recipe. I'm definitely going to try it!

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