Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kitchen project in progress

I was asked to assist with revamping a kitchen.  I will make this kitchen project into two blog to provide you with the process, products, and the final version when we complete the styling.  What a journey it has been, with contractor issues, cabinet delivery issues and the usual project delays.  It is all worth it now to see the finished product. 

Here are some progress pictures.

Clearly not a "white" or "wood" kitchen client!  This is a very light taupe color cabinets which looks amazing.

Hardware for cabinets are like jewelry for the cabinets.  We went to the famous Raybern Hardware based in Charlestown.  Raybern must be the market leader in cabinet hardware.  We bought crystal and brass handles for the cabinet.


So many kitchen trends come and go, but I am sure Quartzite counter top is here to stay!  Quartzite counter tops are natural stones durable like granite and looks like marble, what a combination.  We went looking for counter tops at M S International and found quartzite. 

My client liked the granite below...
Next stops was at the tile store.  I have bought all my tiles at the "Tile Showcase" in Watertown.  Some eye candy from the tile store. Choices...choices...


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