Thursday, January 12, 2012

Off to London Town!

A family wedding (again!) took us to London.  The bride and the groom are graduates of Oxford Univeristy and decided to have the wedding at the Queens College chapel and the reception at the Divinity School.  The 14th century architecture of the church and the stunning,  intricate stone carvings of the Divinity School takes your breadth away.

Fav restaurant in London...
Fushia is a restaurant tucked away in Croydon, Surrey in UK.  The restaurant is outstanding and once you go inside, the ambience with the morrocon decor and the saree clad maitre d' takes you to a different land.  We visited Fushia several times and saw repeat customers rather like ourselves! The emphasis on artfully prepared dishes utilizing fresh ingredients make it the hall mark of this restaurant.  The food is to die for...literally.
What would a trip to London be without High Tea!  Our friends made reservations at the Wolesley, known for its fancy surroundings and great service.  The tea was good, the pastries were excellent and most of all the scones with clotted cream was outstanding.  The icing on the cake was having high tea with good friends,  who are also hilarious and entertaining.

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