Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'd Rather Haver Flowers on My Table Than Diamonds On My Neck....

This sums it up!

Truly, I love love love real flowers and like to have flowers in our house, even if there are no food to eat...there are flowers.

In India and Sri Lanka most houses have an "Uruli" with flowers floating outside of their home.  Uruli is a large cooking vessel used in Kerala.  When we visited Kerala, we saw Uruli with floating flowers in front of every home.  I did bring a Uruli back, it was high maintenance to keep it outside in the New England weather.  I always have a small earthen container with floating flowers or petals.

Drum role friend was in New York this week-end bought this vase for me.  These are not real flowers but breathtakingly beautiful!

I am known for killing plants!  These are succulents that have survived.

The brass Uruli is inside the house now instead of outside with floating flowers.

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