Friday, June 19, 2015

Weddings with Charactrer and Glamour.

Being invited to be part of a couples special day is a real privilege.  I am so excited to share with you pictures of  two of the weddings that I attended in London.  One wedding was for our very good friends' daughter at the Wokefield Park mansion and the other was my cousin's daughters wedding at the Savoy Hotel in London. 

With the usual England weather of grey skies and chilling temperatures, the wedding décor and venues compensated for the English weather!

What a treat it was to attend a wedding at the grandest and iconic Savoy Hotel with charm and splendour.  It is the first luxury hotel in Britain, which introduced electric lights, electric lifts and bathrooms in most of the lavishly furnished rooms.  It was renovated a few years back to it's original glory and more.


What a great way to listen to music while eating.  This Cello player was outstanding, she was invited to play at the Buckingham Palace.

Englands country side venues are classic and never go out of style.  The  wedding ceremony took place in Reading in a beautiful church and the reception in a Mansion House built in the 18th century with so much character.  The scenic country side and the grandeur are breath taking. The wedding was perfectly beautiful.

The tables were named after cocktails...of course Boston rules!

Beautiful patio for cocktails and scenery.

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