Wednesday, August 12, 2015

To Rome via London...Let's roam around Roma!

As you know, Rome is the eternal city and the capital of Italy.  This summer we had the pleasure of going for couple of weddings in London thus hop over to Rome for a few days.  Rome transformed from a small Latin village to the center of a great empire. 

The charming Old City with its narrow cobblestone streets and old colonial architecture bursts with art and culture. Walk around and visit the shops, art galleries and local cafes.  It is a pretty easy city to navigate by foot if you are staying around the city center.

The center of Catholicism, Rome is not just religion, art and history it is quite cool! 


Nestled in the coble stone streets right around the corner from the Spanish steps was our hotel.  Hotel Condotti was recommended for it its location, European charm and the service.  We enjoyed the stay and most of all you can walk to the historical sights, shops and great restaurants.

Wonderful restaurants as you step out of the hotel.
 Uneven charm of cobble stone streets...quiet morning walk near the hotel.

 Right around the corner from the main shopping drag Via Condotti
 Left and a left to the Spanish steps.

  Eating our way around Rome.

As you know we love food, when we plan our vacation part of the itinary includes restaurants.  Here are couple of restaurants I would recommend in addition to the coffee bars and sandwich stops for lunch.

Cucina and Vista is a restaurant overlooking the Spanish Steps.  Super nice ambience with great food and excellent service.  I take pictures of the décor and not the food!

 Il Gabriello is a winner, this was probably the best meal in Rome.  The restaurant is steps below street level, with charming décor and lovely food.

Life is another restaurant...the food here is amazing.  Notice the utensils framed.

Lunch at Café Grerro

Elements of a great shopping experience.

Rome not only has wonderful shops, the décor takes it to the next level.  You don't feel like you are in a shop, more like a boutique hotel with things to buy.

Notice the branches on top of the entrance.


Endless gems of architecture and historic sites.

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