Friday, September 26, 2014

Ever after blog post!

How to begin the post about these inspiring styled weddings. It was a wedding galore summer for our family.  The first wedding featured was in Long Beach, California and the second wedding was in Akron, Ohio.  Both are awe inspiring weddings and décor.  Here are pictures for your eyes.

First the wedding in Long Beach.


View from our hotel room...

As always, I like to stalk houses in the area.  Folks this is Long Beach, these beautiful homes are a few yards from the beach.

Another wedding in Akron, Ohio.  When you have a venue as stunning as this historic Stan Hywet Hall and Garden, the wedding evening just gets a whole new level of gorgeousness. 
This was once the home of one of the co-founder of Good Year Tire company.  Besides the spectacular mansion, the gardens and ponds are drool worthy.  Without further due, here are pictures of a classy event.



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